Creating Your Pet's Environment


Birds need room to stretch their wings, climb and fly short distances; therefore, purchase the largest cage you can afford and that will fit in the space allowed for your pet. When purchasing a cage, remember that finches and canaries are most comfortable in a cage that is wider than it is taller, and cockatiels and parakeets prefer a cage that is taller. Food and water dishes must, of course, be included. Perches should be installed at different heights — one level with the food dish for easy access.

Your bird’s cage should be placed near eye level in a warm, bright area of the home (but not in direct sunlight) where you will be able to interact with your pet frequently.

Line the bottom of your pet’s cage with an appropriate litter.  We recommend using Fresh Nest® bird litter. For best results, spread Fresh Nest® bird litter 1 inch deep evenly throughout the bottom of the cage.  Depending upon the type and number of birds, and caretaker preference, time between changes may be extended. You may also use Natural Corn Cobs bird and small animal litter/bedding or Aspen Supreme™ pellets pet and bird all natural litter/bedding.

We recommend a wire grate to separate the birds from all soiled litter.

Please remember to consult your local pet store or veterinarian with specific questions related to the overall care and health of your pet.

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