Q: Is there anything in the formulations that may adversely affect my pet?
A: All of the ingredients in Clean-N-Comfy® and Fresh Nest® are non-toxic and are commonly found in food, health, and beauty-care products. Both products have been tested and found to be safe by a major university.

Q: What if my pet ingests Clean-N-Comfy® or Fresh Nest®?
A: The products are non-toxic. However, if you notice your animal is consuming the bedding, we recommend removing the bedding or litter from the animal's cage.

Q: Are the green particles in Clean-N-Comfy® chlorophyll?
A: There is no chlorophyll in Clean-N-Comfy®. Since Clean-N-Comfy® is formulated for small animals and Fresh Nest® is formulated for birds, the green particles help to differentiate the two products.

Q: What about the formation of mold?
A: The PureLite™ Process helps break down the microbiological content and mold-forming agents commonly found in organic litter. However, in order to avoid potential problems with mold, we recommend changing the bedding or litter if mold develops. The amount of time between cage cleaning may vary depending on several factors including type of animal, personal preference and room temperature.

Q: How do Clean-N-Comfy® and Fresh Nest® work?
A: Small, uniform bits of corn cob absorb the waste products of small animals and birds. The odor control formulations of Clean-N-Comfy® and Fresh Nest® actually attack and break down the ammonia. The formulations also emit a natural, pleasant fragrance which counteracts any inherent "animal smell."