About Us

Green Pet Products offers a full line of premium litter and bedding products for small animals, birds and reptiles — all highly absorbent and extremely effective in controlling odors. 

Green Pet Products understands that today's pets are truly members of the family. That's why our second-generation family business develops innovative, safe, dependable and cost-effective pet care products, backed by extensive research and development, to enhance the environment of both pets and their owners. Green Pet Products specializes in environmentally safe pet products, all based on renewable, readily available resources.

Our History:
Green Products Company was founded in 1947 by Clifford Green. At that time, the company produced dehydrated alfalfa pellets for animal feeds. In 1972 Green sold the business to Jerry Schryver, a long-time employee.

By the mid-1970s, Schryver’s sons, Matthew and Russell, joined the family business. The company began to explore diversification opportunities in 1984. Shortly thereafter, the alfalfa production facility was revamped to process corn cobs. Green Products began to produce a full range of milled corn cob products for a variety of applications.

The GreenTru™ brand, a superior line of milled corn cob products, was established in 1993. The initial focus was on industrial applications and animal bedding markets. At the same time, research began with a goal of developing an odor-controlling, dust-free pet bedding product.

By late 1994, the goal had been attained. Green Products Company then established a spin-off company, Green Pet Products, Inc., to produce and market its new odor-controlling products, Clean-N-Comfy® and Fresh Nest®.

With more than 20 years of experience in the corn cob processing business, Duane Leedy joined Green Products Company in 1995 and was named president of GPPI in 1996.

In 2007, after extensive research, development and testing, Green Pet Products introduces the PureLite™ Process in its cob-based litter products. The PureLite™ Process, which sanitizes a pet’s litter by destroying the mold spores found in litter, is the first true innovation in the organic litter category in many years.

Today, as a second-generation family entity, Green Products Company is nationally recognized as a supplier of corn cob products, while GPPI is positioned to become a major supplier of pet products.