Dear Green Pet Products,

Several years ago, my grandson brought home a couple of bunnies, and we kept them on our enclosed front porch.  Then there were three.

It’s three years later, and Mom and Grandma’s rabbits number well over a hundred and three. They are now housed in the old barn and milk house.

Since we have a number of other species on the farm, there’s not a lot of area to give over to the rabbits, and as we grew…we had to grow…UP.  That means cages are stacked, not hanging.  It also means there are a LOT of trays to clean.  I myself am allergic to the wood shavings we were using in those trays, and I happened to read how some rabbits could develop a respiratory problem, if living over shaving for any length of time. 

We tried many other products…paper, pellets, kitty litter, and were not happy with the results. I started “surfing” on the inter-net, to find an alternative. Found one! Corncob.  Sounded easy until you discover the farmers today chop the corncobs up, as the corn is picked, and put it right back into the soil. Although, good to know corncob is good for the soil, it really made it hard to find them. I hunted and hunted, but all I found were products made by and for research facilities.  Then I found Green Pet Products, Clean-n-Comfy at my pet supply store. Yea!

They ordered several of the largest bags for me to try.  Yes! It was pricier than wood shavings, and that was a real concern until I tried it.  I DIDN’T SNEEZE!  I DIDN’T ITCH! 

Then it came time to clean the cages, and by scooping the discolored spots (that’s where the wet congregates), the urine is UNDER the corncob, and I use a wire cat litter scoop to take the “raisins” out, I can save a lot of the bedding. I take out the bad and just add more to it.  Since the urine is UNDER the bedding, it stays dry enough to not encourage the flies.  That’s wonderful news for Michigan’s hot, humid summers.

Cutting the fly population is a real bonus. I was asked at a rabbit show just this past weekend, “What do you do to get rid of the flies?”  My reply was, “I don’t have a serious fly problem. I have Clean-n-Comfy.”  Of course I had to share my great discovery and sounded just like a Clean-n-Comfy commercial.

Then there was the day my Farrier walked through the rabbitry, on his way to the horse barn, and said, “You must have been working and scrubbing hard all day to get them so clean it doesn’t stink like rabbits”.  He comes on Friday and I usually clean on the weekend.  The pens hadn’t been cleaned in 6 days.  Some of the pens had gone for two weeks. (I’m kinda ashamed of that, but as long as the poop isn’t up to the floor of the cage….) He was right!  We didn’t stink like rabbits

With saving the bedding in the trays, Clean-n-Comfy is still a little bit, but not much more costly than sawdust, and certainly not enough to deter me (and I’m cheap)…. BECAUSE  NOW I DON’T WORRY ABOUT RABBIT RESPIRATORY REACTIONS TO BEDDING!  I DON’T SNEEZE, I DON’T ITCH, AND WE DON’T STINK LIKE RABBITS!

As you can tell I’ve become a SERIOUS FAN of Clean-n-Comfy.

Thank you Green Pet Products, you’ve made my life much more comfortable.


Your Michigan rabbit friend,

Carol Anne Ankney

Rockin’ Horse Acres
Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop & Lionhead Rabbits
Carol and Kendra Ankney
4268 Island Hwy.
Charlotte, MI 48813