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Fresh Nest® with the PureLite™ Process
Bird Litter

Fresh Nest® utilizes corn cob particles, a renewable natural resource, in an odor-controlling system that absorbs waste, attacks odors and leaves a fresh scent to provide birds a fresher cage and owners a cleaner, more pleasant environment. Fresh Nest® can be used for all caged bird species.

How Fresh Nest® Works: Small, uniform bits of corn cobs absorb the waste products of birds. The formulations — a combination of nearly 20 ingredients, all used in food, health and beauty-care products, plus processed corn cob — provide the odor-control system. The formulations convert ammonia gas to odorless liquid, and the pleasant aroma counteracts the inherent "animal smell." The ingredients in Fresh Nest® break down ammonia to create fresh-smelling cages. Therefore, there is no household or store odor associated with the pets. Also, by breaking down the ammonia, a healthier environment is created for your pet, because it is not continually inhaling the ammonia vapors.

Product Features & Benefits

Superior Odor Control
Fresh Nest® features a patented odor-controlling system that renders ammonia and other odors inert while leaving a pleasant, fresh scent.

Highly Absorbent
Fresh Nest®’s special corn cob particles are highly absorbent and provide a drier environment for your pet. Corn cobs absorb from the bottom up, so the surface of the bedding remains dry. Other beddings absorb from the top down, and the surface remains wet; therefore, your animal is always in contact with the wet bedding.

PureLite™ Process
This special process sanitizes a pet’s litter by destroying microbiological content that may be harmful to your pet — providing a cleaner, fresher and healthier environment for your pet’s home.

Virtually Dust-Free
Fresh Nest®’s special corn cob particles are treated to be virtually dust-free, making it safer and easier to clean cages and creating a healthy environment for your pet.

Extends Cage Cleaning Intervals
Because of Fresh Nest®’s feature of high absorbency and superior odor control, cage cleaning intervals may be extended, depending on number of birds and caretaker preference.

Dispose of used Fresh Nest® in compost piles, flower beds or with regular trash collection, as the product will biodegrade in landfills. It can also be incinerated or flushed in small quantities.

Safety Tested at a Major University
Fresh Nest® has been tested by leading pet specialists. The product was subjected to chronic toxicity testing by Dr. Stan W. Casteel, DVD, PhD, a veterinary toxicologist at a leading university.

Directions for Use
For best results, spread Fresh Nest® bird litter 1 inch deep evenly throughout the bottom of the cage. We recommend changing the litter every 10-15 days. Depending upon the type and number of birds, and caretaker preference, time between changes may be extended. We recommend a wire grate to separate the birds from all soiled litter.

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