AspenSupremeAvailable in 455- and 905-cubic-inch consumer packages and 40- and 50-pound bulk packages.



Aspen Supreme™ pellets
Pet and Bird All Natural Litter/Bedding

Aspen Supreme™ uses a special blend of fresh aspen wood particles — a natural by-product of a renewable resource. It contains no cedar or pine and is non-toxic to birds. Aspen Supreme™ offers superior odor control and absorbency for small animals, birds and reptiles, and provides a drier environment. It can be used for ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and similar small animals.

Product Features & Benefits

Superior Odor Control
The unique, natural characteristics of aspen absorb ammonia, eliminate odors and maintain a fresh, natural aroma.

Highly Absorbent
Aspen provides a drier environment for your pet.

If consumed, Aspen Supreme™ pellets will break down into its original fibrous components and pass through your pet’s digestive tract.

Resists Mold Growth
Many bedding products will support mold growth under certain conditions.  Aspen Supreme™ pellets contain a natural capacity to inhibit mold. Simply scoop out any saturated areas regularly.

Dispose of used Aspen Supreme™ pellets in compost piles, flower beds or with regular trash collection, as the product will biodegrade in landfills. It can also be incinerated or flushed in small quantities.

Easy Cleanup
Simply dump materials and sanitize cage. Aspen Supreme™ pellets will not stick to cage floor or leave a messy residue.

Directions for Use
For best results, place Aspen Supreme™ pellets in bottom of cage at a depth of approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches.  Clean cage as desired. To extend cleaning intervals, scoop out wet areas and add fresh material.


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