Creating Your Pet's Environment


Your new pet will live an active, healthy life if provided an environment resembling its natural habitat. You will need:

  • Temperature ranges (heat for basking and cooler temperatures to chill down/sleep)
  • Light and dark periods (they are active, hunt and feed during cooler time)
  • Sufficient moisture (to exchange gases through their pores and to sustain a toxic substance on their skin for defense)
  • A hiding box (to hide from perceived predators)
  • Plants and branches, artificial or appropriate live (for climbing, shade and basking)

An appropriate size screen/glass terrarium can be lined with Aspen Supreme™ pellets. For best results, place Aspen Supreme™ pellets in bottom of cage at a depth of approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches. Clean cage as desired.  To extend cleaning intervals, scoop out wet areas and add fresh material.

Your reptile’s home should be placed in a well-ventilated area, avoiding drafts or direct sunlight, and away from other animals.

Research should be conducted prior to the purchase of any reptile to determine their specific needs.

No Green Pet products contain pine or cedar.

Please remember to consult your local pet store or veterinarian with specific questions related to the overall care and health of your pet.


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