Creating Your Pet's Environment


Rabbits need lots of room for exercise, as they are very active; therefore, you should purchase the largest cage you can afford and that will fit in the space allowed for your pet. A cage with a solid bottom is best (the bottom of a wire cage should be covered with wood or cardboard to prevent damage to your pet’s feet). Cover the bottom of your rabbit’s cage with Clean-N-Comfy® litter/bedding 1 inch deep evenly in the cage for a warm and cozy home. You may also use Natural Corn Cobs small animal litter/bedding.

Your rabbit’s cage should be placed indoors for the safety of your pet and in a location where you will be able to interact with it frequently.

Rabbits are very clean animals and can be trained to use a litter box. Once you’ve identified the area of the cage that your pet intends to use as his “bathroom,” add a litter box filled with Aspen Supreme™ pellets to this area. Fill your rabbit’s litter box with Aspen Supreme™ pellets at a depth of approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches. To extend cleaning intervals, scoop out wet areas and add fresh material.

No Green Pet products contain pine or cedar.

Please remember to consult your local pet store or veterinarian with specific questions related to the overall care and health of your pet.


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