Creating Your Pet's Environment


Gerbils are very active, social pets that prefer to live with a companion. Therefore, purchase the largest cage you can afford and that will fit in the space allowed for your pet(s). A cage with a solid bottom is best (the bottom of a wire cage should be covered with wood or cardboard to prevent catching the claws or injury to paws/limbs). Be sure to add an exercise wheel with no openings (to prevent the tail from being caught). As gerbils like to hide and sleep in a closed space, include a small container with an entrance hole, such as a box or flowerpot, for this purpose. Gerbils also like to tunnel, so include a tube to crawl inside (one purchased from your local pet store or an empty cardboard tube such as from toilet paper).

Your pet’s cage should be placed in a cool, well-ventilated area, but avoid placing the cage in drafts or direct sunlight.

Cover the bottom of the cage with Aspen Supreme™ pellets or Clean-N-Comfy® — 2-3 inches are preferred, as gerbils love to dig. Depending upon the type and number of animals, and caretaker preference, time between cage changes may be extended by scooping and replacing soiled areas. You may also use Natural Corn Cobs small animal litter/bedding.

No Green Pet products contain pine or cedar.

Please remember to consult your local pet store or veterinarian with specific questions related to the overall care and health of your pet.


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