Creating Your Pet's Environment


Ferrets are very active and love to play; therefore, you should purchase the largest cage you can afford and that will fit in the space allowed for your pet. When purchasing a cage, keep in mind that a multi-level environment will allow optimum activity. The cage should be constructed with a textured plastic or wire floor.

Your ferret’s cage should be placed in a cool area of the home with low humidity and good ventilation (but no drafts). Avoid placing your pet’s cage in direct sunlight.

Line the bottom of your pet’s cage with an appropriate litter. We recommend using Aspen Supreme™ pellets or Clean-N-Comfy® for best odor control. For best results, place Aspen Supreme™ pellets in bottom of cage at a depth of approximately 1 to 1-1/2 inches. Clean cage as desired. To extend cleaning intervals, scoop out wet areas and add fresh material. You may also use Natural Corn Cobs bird and small animal litter/bedding.

No Green Pet products contain pine or cedar.

Please remember to consult your local pet store or veterinarian with specific questions related to the overall care and health of your pet.


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